Heeding God’s Call organized a series of public events connected at Colosimo’s Gun Center during a national faith-based peace gathering, including a faith leader press conference and a rally.

Heeding God’s Call, a national gathering of ecumenical peace gathering was held in Philadelphia for five days, January 13-17, 2009, leading up to MLK weekend. Gun violence prevention, and the efforts of local faith leaders at Colosimo’s Gun Center, were a central focus of the Peace Gathering. As Mr. James Colosimo, owner of notorious Colosimo’s Gun Center, had refused to adopt Heeding’s Code of Conduct by the beginning of Peace Gathering, a number of public events were organized during the week in front of Colosimo’s, including a press conference with the faith leaders to tell of their meetings with Mr. Colosimo and their disappointment with his refusal to put public safety ahead of profit; two days of civil disobedience resulting in arrests (see related item) and a spontaneous rally of nearly one hundred people demanding that Mr. Colosimo adopt the Code of Conduct.

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