Introduction to Partner Faith Community Toolkit

Partner Faith Community Toolkit

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  • Heeding God’s Call Statement of Purpose, Objectives & Strategy
  • Partner Faith Community Invitation
  • Covenant of Commitment (template)
  • Study/Action Group Overview
  • Code of Conduct & Rationale for Action (Responsible Firearms Retailer Agreement)
  • Guidelines for Organizing a Gun Shop Action
  • Heeding God’s Call Pledge for Nonviolent Public Witness
  • CFPA Clergy Resolution (in Pennsylvania only)
  • God of Mercy (hymn lamenting gun violence)
  • Gun Violence: We’ve Got Work to Do! (overview of gun violence prevention)
  • Gun Violence in the United States: Some Indicative Data
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Handgun Control


  • Pocket Cards
  • Buttons

Levels of Commitment(not necessarily in this order):

  • Judicatory
  • Resolution (examples: Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker, Episcopalian)
  • Clergy
  • Statement of Support (example: CFPA)
  • Congregation
  • Covenant of Commitment to Act to Prevent Gun Violence (example: template)
  • Taking Action to End Gun Violence
  • Host Study/Action group
  • Collaborate with one or more other congregations to advocate for Code of Conduct with local/nearby gun shop
  • Get involved with community organization(s) already working on some aspect of gun violence prevention
  • Get involved in political advocacy on GVP legislation (Brady Campaign, Ceasefire)
  • Individual
  • Participate in Study/Action Group
  • Within a single congregation
  • In collaboration with one or more other congregations (preferred)