Invitation to Join Heeding as a Partner Faith Community

Our Belief:  As people of faith…

We embrace Dr. Martin Luther King’s hope for peace and safety in our communities.

We resist apathy to this epidemic of violence, because fear, closed doors, and separation will not end it. 

We unite to bring God’s vision of a peaceable kingdom, without the violent loss of over 30,000 American lives by gunfire each year.


The Invitation:

  • Become a Partner Faith Community and join a coalition of religious groups comprised of urban, suburban, rural congregations from all religions and denominations to reduce gun violence.
  • Create positive energy, take positive action, and make positive change!


The Commitment:

  • Take steps to educate Faith Community members and attenders about gun violence.
  • Adopt a Covenant of Commitment to Act to End Gun Violence.
  • Work with local gun shops to adopt a “Code of Conduct” to eliminate legal purchases of guns for illegal resale (straw purchases).
  • Partner with other faith communities across geographic, religious and racial lines to develop programs, promote awareness and develop legislative and other strategies.


The Resources:

  • Connection with other Faith Communities for collaboration and joint action
  • Speakers and storytellers to visit your faith community
  • Help with advocacy in working with local gun shops.
  • Information and support for legislative advocacy campaigns
  • Connection and collaboration with community action and advocacy groups
  • Information sharing between Partner Faith Communities about events & strategies.
  • Gatherings of Partner Faith Communities to share experiences, ideas and materials


Partner Faith Communities