Small Group Curriculum

A program of learning, relationship-building, and action planning

based on testimonies of Heeding God’s Call activists.

A four-week series beginning with an introductory session focused on getting to know each other, sharing experiences, and learning the basics facts about gun violence in the United States.  The sessions are supplemented by related scripture (multi-faith), factual materials and discussion questions. The final session includes developing our own testimonies and planning further action together. 

WEEK ONE:  Overview

Introduction, Deadly Numbers, Second Amendment


Kemah Washington, “I Hear the Cries of Our Children”

Rev. David Tatgenhorst, “The Killing Weighs on My Heart”

Rabbi Carl Choper. “On Behalf of the Sanctity of Human Life”

Noah Baker Merrill, “From Baghdad to Philadelphia”

WEEK TWO:  Inspiring Hope

Faith-Based Advocacy in a Secular Society


Rev. Jim McIntire, “The Intersection of God and Us”

Rev. Isaac Miller, “The Moral Call That is God’s Hope for Us All”

Dr. Mary Wade, “Fear Diminishes the Good in Us”

WEEK THREE: Raising Voices

Making Connections, Ending the Straw Purchasing Cycle, GVP Legislation


Sam Caldwell, “This Outrageous Evil”

Drick Boyd, “A Complete Contradiction of Justice”

Mimi Copp, “Destroying the Shalom of Our City”

Rev. Jim Brown, “A Soul-Shuddering Event”

WEEK FOUR:  Taking Action

Faith Community Partnerships, Gun Shop Code of Conduct, Community-Based Organizations, Legislative Action


Rev. Fred Kaufman, “Somebody Has to Do Something”

Rev. Phil Jones, “Pray, Renounce, Organize”

Melissa DeLong, “An Intention to Save Lives”