Weaving Relationships Training Sessions


Invite and inspire people to get involved

in the movement to prevent gun violence!

Heeding God’s Callis undertaking a person-to-person outreach effort to weave a network of relationships and to discern each faith community’s values, current social actions, and potential for call and commitment to the work of gun violence prevention.

  • How can we weave relationships to form an ongoing organization of people with mutual interests focused on working together to make real change?
  • How can we awaken people’s deepest values and feelings and challenge assumptions that prevent them from taking action?
  • How can we enable people to imagine a different and better reality and commit to working to make that vision real?

We’re offering a short orientation and training session to prepare and encourage you to conduct one-on-one conversations with members of your own, and nearby or related faith communities.  We’ll equip you with facts and statistics about gun violence and its prevention, and we will prepare you with interpersonal skills and tools for effective personal outreach and relationship-building.  You’ll learn a simple process for engaging in effective and enjoyable one-on-one conversations that build hope and energy for action.


For more information, please call 267-519-5302

Or email info@heedinggodscall.org