Good Friday, April 18, 2014, 4PM

Heed God's Call to act together against the easy availability of guns in our city streets and throughout our nation.

Sister Muhummad/Durham Park
47th Street and Wyalusing Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

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Photo of Good Friday Interfaith Service to End Gun Violence, 2013

Heeding God’s Call brought Christian activists to their feet this March 21-23, 2014 in support of its multi-faith campaign to prevent gun violence.

Bryan Miller, Heeding’s Executive Director, convened a panel about gun violence and its prevention. The session was attended by nearly one thousand activists, who reacted to Heeding’s message with enthusiasm and commitment.

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Photo from Educational advocacy day in March 2014

In 2009 Heeding God’s Call’s public attention to Colosimo’s practices led to action by federal authorities. After months of public demonstrations organized by Heeding, US Attorney and ATF announced that Colosimo’s would be forced to close due to knowingly selling to straw buyers – exactly AS Heeding contended. Read more

Photograph from Colosimos Gun Shop at Good Friday action






We are asking that you SAVE THE DATE and plan to JOIN HEEDING at the corner of Spring Garden and North Percy Streets (between 9th and 10th Streets) in Philadelphia on SUNDAY, AUGUST 9th at 4PM to DEMONSTRATE OUR OPPOSITION TO A NEW GUN STORE AT COLOSIMO'S.


You will recall the happy day in late 2009 when we learned Heeding God's Call had embarrassed federal authorities into (finally!) shuttering notorious Colosimo's Gun Center.  That single gun shop, according to Philadelphia law enforcers, accounted for twenty percent of guns recovered from crime in the city.  Outrageous!  Thank God, and thanks to all who joined with Heeding in those days, Colosimo's is no more. 


BUT HOLD ON!  The new owner of Colosimo's gun range, calling itself The Gun Range, is seeking a zoning variance to open a new gun store at the site, right around the corner from the old Colosimo's store.  This despite overwhelming community opposition, an earlier refusal by Phila L & I, and the proximity of residences, senior housing, restaurants, a concert venue, and two faith communities.


So, Heeding will host a public demonstration at 4pm on Sunday, August 9, three days before the Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing, to let the new owner, the ZBA, and the community know of the intense opposition to plans for a new gun store. 


Please SAVE THE DATE and plan to JOIN HEEDING at the corner of Spring Garden and North Percy Streets (between 9th and 10th Streets) in Philadelphia on SUNDAY, AUGUST 9th at 4PM to DEMONSTRATE OUR OPPOSITION TO A NEW GUN STORE AT COLOSIMO'S.


For more information please contact Heeding God's Call to End Gun Violence at



Heeding God’s Call

Inspiring Hope, Raising Voices,

Taking Action to End Gun Violence


Yesterday, June 17, yet another horrific gun massacre of innocents.  This time the setting was all-too-familiar those of us in the faith community.  A small group had gathered at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C. to pray.  Knowing the civic leadership of their pastor, Rev. Clem Pinckney (also a state senator), they were no doubt praying for peace, in their lives, their community and the world.  Rev. Pinckney and 8 other members were shot by a young man who had been out on bail, yet was reportedly given a gun by his father.  Whatever our faith tradition, we are in prayer today for the families of the victims and perpetrator, and for the congregation and community of Charleston as they try to heal and make sense of the senseless.

We at Heeding God’s Call are shocked, but not surprised by yesterday’s events.    This slaughter was sadly predictable, and makes patently clear that the American faith community MUST step up to confront our the epidemic of gun violence, wherever it occurs, be it in an historic African American church, every day in the streets and neighborhoods of cities and towns across the nation, in a formerly peaceful elementary school or in homes beset with domestic violence or those in despair seeking to end their lives.

It is the responsibility of the American faith community to confront gun violence with God’s love and compassion, but also with human commitment and steadfastness.  It is time for all houses of worship, all clergy, all faith traditions and all of the faithful to stand, walk, march, advocate and vote to bring down the idolatry of guns and to save the lives of all of our families, neighbors, fellow citizens.

We must pray and grieve, but God demands more of us.  We must act.  We must mobilize.  We must confront the evil of gun violence and those who would profit by it.  NOW.

Heeding God’s Call has been devoted to action to end the evil of gun violence since we began six years ago.  We work daily to ‘change the game’ and to enlist people and institutions of faith get into the street and confront the evil that is killing so many Americans.  We ask you to join us in this sacred campaign, by letting us know how you feel today and supporting us.  Please contact us on Facebook and let us know what you are thinking.  Please join us by using the Contact tab on this page.

Heeding God's Call Greater Washington

Memorial to the Lost
April was an inspirational experience installing the Memorial, reading the names included in the Memorial, and praying for those who are represented on the t-shirts of our Memorial to the Lost.  In April we were able to watch as many folks STOPPED, READ THE NAMES, PRAYED AND REMEMBERED.  
In April, we completed the installation at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church on Saturday, April 4.  On Monday, April 6, along with a group of students lead by Rev. Ray Ranker of Chapel Ministries from the University of Maryland, we installed the Memorial on the Mall in front of the Library at the University of Maryland.  It was a beautiful day and while we were installing, students stopped and walked among the shirts.  One young man joined in our prayer circle as we completed the installation, to ask us to pray for a friend who had recently died through gun violence in DC and for himself.  We were all so touched by his grief.  The Memorial was taken down by the students on Thursday, April 9 with plans to return to the University of Maryland next year for a longer installation.  Two days later, the Memorial was installed in the yard around Shiloh Baptist Church in the Shaw area of DC.  This beautiful and historic church was a wonderful location to share our Memorial and what it means. As we installed, we had people walking by stopping and offering to help hang the t-shirts.  The next morning, a personally created shirt was left lovingly by the Memorial.  This lovely shirt was for a victim of gun violence in DC in 1974.  The pain lingers on. The Memorial was taken down on Sunday, April 19.
The rest of the schedule for the Memorial is included here.  
15th Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC     6/27-7/11
Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD     7/12-7/26
Southminster Presbyterian Church, Oxon Hill, MD     8/1-8/15
Northminster Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC   8/15-8/29
St. John the Baptist Church, Columbia, MD     9/4-9/18
Northern Virginia Mennonite, Fairfax, VA     9/19-10/3
Rock Spring UCC, Arlington, VA    10/3-10/17
Saint Mark Presbyterian Church, Rockville, MD     10/24-11/8
If you find the Memorial will be installed close to where you live or work, we ask you to STOP, READ, PRAY AND REMEMBER.  Also invite others to do the same.  If the Memorial is going to be close to you and you would like to volunteer to help, please let us know. Times of installation will be shared closer to the date of the installation.  If you have questions about the Memorial, please share with us. Heeding God's Call of Greater Washington is very proud of our Memorial to the Lost and we ask you to spread the word and let others know of this inspirational project.
Lisa Delity
Heeding God's Call of Greater Washington

Help Create, Install, and Maintain Heeding God’s Call's Memorial to the Lost

Heeding God’s Call Memorials to the Lost have been and are effective for galvanizing faith communities and people of faith  to stop the calamity in all neighborhoods and in the locations where the Memorial has been installed. We know the Memorial has touched the lives and hearts of countless numbers of people throughout Philadelphia, Harrisburg and locations in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.  To learn more about the Memorial to the Lost please click on the tab  for Memorial to the Lost on the left side of this page, or click here.

In order to continue and to grow this sacred work, we need your help.  You can directly help Heeding and the neighborhoods and communities we serve by investing in the creation of, installation of, and caring for a tee-shirt in a 2015 Memorial to the Lost.  Your donation of $50 will ensure that a tee-shirt honoring a victim of gun violence will be raised and cared for.  A donation of $125 will do the same for three victims.  You may donate through the donate tab above, use this link, or you may send a check to Heeding God’s Call at the address listed here.  Please designate on your check “Memorial to the Lost”.

Thank you and Blessings to All!